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  • Stay ahead! Gain new skills. Gain new knowledge. Achieve a qualification. Improve your prospects by Distance Learning. Achieve independence and self-respect, and learn at home!

    Whatever your reason for searching, you have made it to one of the UK's longest running distance learning sites! Now take a look at what we offer. You will be amazed at the range of courses that are available. Just click on the menus to choose a course.

    You probably already know why you want a Distance Learning alternative to conventional learning – it™ perhaps because of your personal circumstances such as family or job demands, or maybe because of lack of confidence. Now through a distance learning Home Study course, all your aspirations are within reach.

  • During these difficult economic times, training for the future becomes even more important, so that when the upturn does come, you will be better placed than most to take advantage of your newly acquired skills and knowledge. The ones who do nothing will be the ones left behind.

    The chances are that we will have something for you. Each of our courses is supported with extensive course materials and with access to our highly experienced team of professional tutors. We are dedicated to offering you, our customer, the highest quality personal support - 7 days a week on most courses.

  • UK Open Learning works with a team of around 40 specialist tutors who are all experienced in their own fields using UK Open Learning methodologies. They are responsible for the development of course materials, assignment planning and assessment as well as giving support and advice to learners.

  • When you take up a course with UK Open Learning, you can be sure of:

    High quality materials
    Helpful and supportive tutors
    Sound assessments of assignments
    Excellent quality assurance

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